How many college students in the US will get degrees?

College Enrollment on my mind today as I return to DeVry University, for my last 8 week session of Undergrad studies.  Ever a martyr for punishment, I am going straight into Keller Graduate School of Management in July (assuming I am accepted, of course).  Anyway, I started wondering about the statistics relating to enrollment in the United states and went to my favorite stats site,, to see what I could find.  If you are not a fan of numbers, then this is a post you may want to skip.

Here is a table of overall numbers:

Number of U.S. Colleges and Universities Number Enrollment
Public 4-year institutions 629 6,837,605
Private 4-year institutions 1,845 4,161,815
Public 2-year institutions 1,070 6,184,229
Private 2-year institutions 596 303,826
Total 4,140 17,487,475
Undergraduate 14,473,884
Graduate 2,097,511
Professional 329,076
Degrees Awarded Annually: Number
Associate 696,660
Bachelor’s 1,439,264
Master’s 574,618
Doctorate 52,631
Professional 87,289
Enrollment Demographics:
Women 57.4%
Full-time 61.7%
Minority 30.9%
Foreign 3.3%

I fall into this group:

Private 4-year institutions 1,845 4,161,815
So, out of 10,599,420 ( 6,837,605 + 4,161,815) enrolled 4-year college students in 2013, only 1,439,264 obtain Bachelor’s Degrees, in a given year (Statisticbrain, 2014).

Here is a different view of Education Attainment in the US as of 2013.  I got this link from Wikipedia, but verified it at the website (2013).

Educational attainment in the United States, Age 25 and Over (2013)[3]
Education Percentage
High school graduate 88.15%
Some college 58.33%
Associate’s and/or Bachelor’s degree 41.50%
Bachelor’s degree 31.66%
Master’s and/or Doctorate and/or professional degree 11.57%
Doctorate and/or professional degree 3.16%
Doctorate 1.68%

According to this, about 32% of the population, age 25 or older, have obtained their Bachelor’s degree. (They use 25 as the cut-off, as few younger than that have obtained a higher degree)(Wikipedia, 2013). Also, you can note that an additional 10% of this population have at least an Associate’s Degree. Either way, I can see that I am in a select group, more than I ever realized.

You may be wondering what made me want to collect this data.  A few days back, someone pointed out to me, by the fact that I was about to graduate and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration and Management, I already was one of a select few that would do so this year, if at all or ever.  I had never thought about that way; never considered the privilege I was gaining along with the immense debt I have incurred these past 3 years.  I am much more motivated by helping people than I am by money, which makes this debt at least potentially justified.  I took every class I could in a custom plan to make myself better able to do a job that will include some aspect of service. I have an end game requiring more education, and so, I am thankful for those stray comments that help lift blinders off my self-perception and anything which blocks my clear view of my environment (the world in which I live and work). You could say it was an eye-opening moment.

I share my thoughts in an ongoing attempt at self-definition and an increasing ability to perceive both my self-worth and how it can help me help others.  Apologies for the bulky tables, I am still learning how to work with formatting outside of Word. (2014). Social Demographics – Education. Retrieved from

Statisticbrain. (2014). College enrollment statistics. Retrieved from


What do YOU do when life gets in the way?

ImageWhat do you do when life gets in the way of school or work? Illness in family at the beginning of term – 3 weeks of distraction and worry, then personal illness in last week of content teaching. I feel helpless, for I did the best I could to keep up, keeping my eye on the bigger picture of the final project and exam. One class’ content came a little easier than the other, but I am freaking out to have such low grades at the end of term! I really would love to hear your war stories. What life events happened, how did you respond, how did you get back on track.

I look at the picture I shared in media, me, at a Dean’s list celebration, the only one I went to, the first one.  My kids both came and i was proud.  I got straight A’s for 5 semesters, then life started getting in the way of my perfect student life.  I broke my left wrist…the one I write with, and seemingly the one that leads my brain in typing as well.  Got my first C and found it to be sickening, anger causing, “can’t forgive myself for being human and fragile”, My kids told me to get a grip.  I did, and life happened again and again, as  the classes got harder.  I learn something important about myself – I am a writer and it saved me.  I know it, my teachers knew it.  How to survive Statistics or Economics or Finance, where I got my only D so far.  Learn the language and write my heart out on those case studies, short answers and essays.  Now, on my spring break, and with one last 8 week session to go, I am looking ahead, I want writing in my life, I want all the words, and I want to share them.

The block quote above is copied from my LinkedIn account.  I only got 4 views, and not one like or comment.  I really do want to have this discussion with people, I really do want input for an article I am thinking of.  How do you keep your focus, your vitality when life gets in the way of your goals, whether they are about good grades, earning recognition or maybe that promotion?  How do you hold even professionally and publicly, when your personal life is going to hell in a hand basket.  How did you recover from that illness or car wreck. What if it was a loved one having the trouble instead.  If you can relate to any of these, please comment, or if you saw someone who blogged about one of these related topics, share the link.  Talk to me!  Add to my words so I can write 🙂