Shared Pain

A stark reality – Shared pain is not going to make the person who first felt it, feel any less.  

Does that make sense?

I got a call from my eldest today, working in Arizona.  A coworker/friend was lost last night, and his friends/ workers had only found out as they clocked in. My tears ran for my child’s pain, as I cannot be there to administer hugs and personal contact.  I did the next best thing and contacted all our mutual close friends; told of loss suffered and the need for an out-pouring of love.  

We often feel helpless when faced with death, with the shock of loss.  It is hard enough when it hits us, but somehow worse when it strikes those around us.  I can feel sad for the death of a man, angry even that it involved alcohol, (stuff of nightmares for my child), and thankful that it was not me losing my child.  Tears flowed.  Tonight, I go to sleep with the pain of my child wrapped in my heart.