Feelings Upon Having One’s Book in Hand

Something by JT Stilson:) Happens to be my Mom, and I am proud as can be!

The Long Home Series

Awesome.  Trepiditious. Thankful. Humble.

I worked strenuously to write The Long Home: Now and Then, so that when it was sent off to the publisher, I was anxious for any word from them. The process took a number of weeks which further increased my anxiety, and with it my blood pressure.  The doctor assured me I don’t need to worry on that last issue.  I have lost sleep, stretched my patience to the snapping point, and suffered traumatic composure disorder (tcd).  I just made that up.  It’s hard to put up a pleasant front when you are wondering where the book is at the publishers.  Which desk is it on today?  Who is working on it?  Questions, questions, questions.

So yes, when it arrived yesterday, I was in awe.  I handled it reverently.  It was beautiful.  I love the cover designed by Mark Kee.  Would the inside be as beautiful? …

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