What the hell am I there for then?

“Please bite your tongue”..the ending words of a dressing down.  Grrr.

 I am in my late 40’s..I am self-confident, capable, and have worked for 2 1/2 years in a job where my job is to help people solve problems.  These problems may require giving directions to a website, or to our facility; they may be in person or by phone; they may require doing what is needed to connect the people to the ones that can help them best.  Key word – Help!

So, when I get chastised for being helpful, then told “that I will be informed when my help is required and in all other cases, please bite my tongue.”   Who does that?  How can somebody exist with so much condescension? Clearly, it bursts forth in a flow of spiteful, smarmy words.  Ok then,

I put in my head phones and tuned out.  Official permission to not give a damn?  It is utterly useless to have 2 people working one reception desk if one has a superiority complex.

 I feel obsolete.


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